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327133: Бои на палках, племя Сурма, Эфиопия
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Бои на палках, племя Сурма, Эфиопия

Абиссинии, Африка, Африк, Донга, Восточная Африка, Эфиопия, Ethiopie, ОМО, Долина реки Омо, народов Долина реки Омо, народов de la Vallee de l ОМО, Sagenai, Saginay, Сури, Сури Suri людей племени Сурма, Сурма народа, племени Сурма, босиком, цветной рисунок, цвет, цветная фотография, де боевые дубинки, combattants, конкуренции, винный, en pied, ансамбль, etre humain, exterieur, бойцов, frapper, полная длина, guerriers, привычка traditionnel, поражения, горизонтальный, человеческое существо, голый, нагота, ню, ню, nudite, на открытом воздухе, снаружи, обивка, люди, человек, личности, peuple nomade, Фото couleur, Фото en pied, pieds nus, защиты, пленки, rembourrage, ритуал, rituel, stick борьбы, stick боевых, вместе, единения, традиционная одежда, vallee de l ОМО, virilite, мужественность, vue exterieure, воины

Дата размещения: 2014-07-06

Объект съемки: 08. Жизнь человека, жизнь народов, Народы и нации, 07. Мировая География (Страны мира, природа, знаменательные места), Страны (Алфавитный список), Местные обычаи, Kоренное население, Эфиопия

Географическое положение: Африка, Эфиопия

Автор: GeoPhoto / Eric Lafforgue

Формат оригинала: Digital    

Стиль: Гео-репортаж (города и страны)

Ключевые слова: Ethiopie, Sagenai, Saginay, combattants, en pied, etre humain, exterieur, frapper, guerriers, nudite, peuple nomade, pieds nus, rembourrage, rituel, stick боевых, stick борьбы, vallee de l ОМО, virilite, vue exterieure, Африк, Африка, Восточная Африка, Долина реки Омо, Донга, ОМО, Сури, Сури Suri людей племени Сурма, Сурма народа, Фото couleur, Фото en pied, Эфиопия, ансамбль, бойцов, босиком, винный, вместе, воины, голый, горизонтальный, де боевые дубинки, единения, защиты, конкуренции, личности, люди, мужественность, на открытом воздухе, нагота, народов de la Vallee de l ОМО, народов Долина реки Омо, ню, ню, обивка, племени Сурма, пленки, полная длина, поражения, привычка traditionnel, ритуал, снаружи, традиционная одежда, цвет, цветная фотография, цветной рисунок, человек, человеческое существо, Абиссинии
Ключевые слова (eng): Africa, Afrique, Donga, East Africa, Ethiopia, Ethiopie, Omo, Omo valley, Peoples of the Omo Valley, Peuples de la Vallee de l Omo, Sagenai, Saginay, Suri, Suri people, Suri tribe, Surma, Surma people, Surma tribe, barefoot, colored picture, colour, coloured picture, combat de batons, combattants, competition, dehors, en pied, ensemble, etre humain, exterieur, fighters, frapper, full length, guerriers, habit traditionnel, hitting, horizontal, human being, naked, nakedness, nu, nude, nudite, outdoors, outside, padding, people, person, personne, peuple nomade, photo couleur, photo en pied, pieds nus, protections, protectors, rembourrage, ritual, rituel, stick fight, stick fighting, together, togetherness, traditional clothes, vallee de l omo, virilite, virility, vue exterieure, warriors, Abyssinia

Бои на палках, племя Сурма, Эфиопия © Eric Lafforgue

Дополнительная информация: One of the main Surma  / Suri customs is stick fighting. This ritual and sport is called Donga or Sagenai (Saginay). Donga is both the name of the sport and the stick, whereas sagenai is the name of the stick-fighting session. Stick fighting is central in Suri culture. In most cases, stick fighting is a way for warriors to find girlfriends, it can also be a way to settle conflicts. On this occasion men  show their courage, their virility and their resistance to pain, to the young women. The fights are held between Suri villages, and begin with 20 to 30 people on each side, and can end up with hundreds of warriors involved. Suri are famous for stick fighting, but they are not the only ones to respect such a custom, as the neighbor tribe, the Mursi, also practice these traditional fights. The day before the sagenai, fighters have to purge themselves. They do it by drinking a special preparation, called dokai, which is madeof the bark of a special tree, which is mixed with water. After taking it, warriors make themselves vomiting the drink. The water is supposed to bring with it many of the body’s impurities. After this ritual they don’t eat until the following morning. Warriors walk kilometers to come fighting at Sagenai, which takes place in a clearing. They stop when crossing a river in order to wash themselves, before decorating their bodies for the fight. They decorate themselves by sliding the fingers full of clay on the warrior’s bodies. This dressing up and decoration is meant to  show their beauty and virility and thus catch the women’s attention. The phallic shape ending the sticks contributes to that virile demonstration. Fighters  arrive on the Donga field all together, carrying the strongest man,dancing and singing. Some fighters wear colourful headdresses sometimes with feathers on it, and also knee-protectors. But most of them use no protection at all and fight completely naked in order to show their bravery. They also wear strings of decorative coloured beads around their necks given by the girls and waist, but their genitals are most of the time uncovered and they are barefoot. All of them get a chance to fight one on one, against someone from the other side. In the beginning each fighter looks for an opponent of the same stature, and exchanges a few held back blows with him in order to test him. If both fighters feel they have found a match, they suddendly throw themselves into the fight, hitting ferocious fast strokes with their sticks.  If one of the warriors knocked out or puts paid to his opponent, he immediately declares himself the winner. Sagenai consists in qualifying rounds, each winner fighting the winner of a previous fight, until two finalists are left. It is strictly forbidden to hit a man when he is down on the ground. During these fights there are referees present to make sure all rules are being followed. Many stick fights end within the first couple of hits. Nevertheless the fights are really violent, and it is quite usual to see men bleeding. Stick fighting has proven to be dang

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