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About Geophoto

Agency GEOPHOTO/Coastal Imagery was formed as a creative group of the Russian photographers working in a genre of a natural photo in Russia and abroad.

Mission of the agency.

The mission of the agency is to fill the deficiency of professional images from Russia and about Russia in the internal and international markets of image-production. To simplify the access of mutual relations between the photographers, first of all, the Russian photographers specializing in natural-geographical shooting, and the consumers of photoproduction, using the modern IT technologies and professional qualifiers of archives, specially developed by us for this purpose.

The photoarchive of the Geophoto is rich not only in images, but we also make their information support. We form thematic, objective and geographical collections of them. We make the stylistic selection of images for the advertising, marketing, corporate purposes, for design-projects.

Collection way of the demonstration of the photographic material is our difference from other drains-agencies.

We are not the distributors of any international agencies, we represent only our own shooting and images of other Russian authors.

The agency is focused on the Russian market. At present the Geophoto is the unique Russian photoresource allowing

Our task - is to present the archive telling about Russia, about the countries, people, about wild nature in the language of a photo; to give the users the access to friendly, idle time and convenient, the client-guided database for search of images through the Internet, with the adjusted system of electronic delivery of images to the final customer. We maximum aspire to save the time of our clients - editors of Mass Media, advertising agencies, the publishing companies - everyone for whom the economy of time for search and reception of the necessary image is important.

Principles of the Geophoto

In the marketing strategy we adhere the following major principles;

- Information support considerably raises market value of the image

- The collection approach in the organization of Internet-archive allows the potential clients to find new ideas and to create new projects on the basis of shown sets of images.

- Multilevel classification of the same archive (base search using keywords, system of geographical search, the objective qualifier) favourably allows to present the material and to satisfy practically to any inquiry).


The basic tool of marketing strategy of the agency is the demonstration of images online on the Internet -site of the agency, the address of which is

On the site there is the multipurpose expanded search the system of geographical search of images and the objective catalogue.. Such multilevel system of search and selection of images allows to satisfy practically to any exacting inquiry.

All images shown on the site are available for reception as an online, and on any physical data carriers express delivery within several hours.

Directions of activity:

  1. Promotion on the market of images of natural-geographical objects, mainly of Russian photographers.
  2. Online service of search and granting of facsimiles in inquiry.
  3. A creative and conceptual photo - creation of steady positive images of the goods, services and products with the use of images of wild nature.
  4. Exclusive photographing of natural objects all over the world, first of all, for advertising purposes, including underwater and air shooting with the use of extralight flying devices.
  5. Manufacturing of polygraphic production with the use of the own photographing.
  6. Publishing
  7. Educational activity.

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